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ADA Compliant Rails

ADA Compliant Metal Handrails


For most of us, metal handrails are a convenience only. When we’re tired after a long day, we might grab a metal handrail to help ourselves up the stairs. Or when the stairs are slick after a snowstorm, we’ll grip the handrail with extra caution to keep from falling. Most of the time though, it’s unnecessary. We might let our hand hover over the handrail or glide along it, but we wouldn’t be upset if it suddenly disappeared. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. When children, the elderly, and people with physical disabilities use stairs, they sometimes rely on a secure handrail in order to make it up or down the stairs safely.

That’s where the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) comes into play. The ADA has created a set of compliance standards, or a list of features that will make products accessible to people with disabilities. Products that meet these regulations are said to be “ADA compliant.” To gain this standard, a metal handrail must contain the following features:

  • The railing must be a continuous and smooth surface and there must be a railing on both sides of the stairs or ramp.
  • The railing must be 34-36 inches in height.
  • There must be a curb or curb rail at the point where the stairs or ramp drop off (sometimes a mid-rail will work). This protects wheelchairs from slipping out from under the railing.
  • The ramp must be 36 inches or wider.
  • The ends of the handrail must be rounded or return smoothly into the floor, a wall, or a post.
  • The railing should extend the width of one stair tread and then level out for 12 inches. Ramps must extend parallel to the walking surface for 12 inches past the top and bottom of the ramp.
  • Posts must not be more than 8 feet apart from the center of one post to the center of the next.
  • Posts and handrail pipes must be 1.25-1.5 inches.
  • The space between the inside of the handrail and the wall or any other obstruction must be at least 1.5 inches.
  • Handrails cannot rotate within their fittings.
  • At Front Range Metalworks we are current with all codes and can help you keep your business or Apartment Building within current codes, while helping to assure the comfort and safety of your customers and tenants.